January 31, 2023


Sam Smith's latest song starts a debate about multiple things: Read more

The controversy surrounding Sam Smith's 'I'm Not Here To Make Friends'

By Jean Valjean January 31, 2023

Sam Smith’s new music video for the song I’m Not Here to Make Friends has now gone viral on social media and it has sparked much controversy. 

 Sam, who likes to go by they/them pronouns released a new album titled Gloria last week.

However, the track I'm Not Here To Make Friends began with them donning a pink feathery robe  the same one they wore during their Saturday Night Live performance earlier this month. They then fly into the front yard of an estate on a helicopter.

 Further, the singer wears a black tuxedo dress which they accessorize with a huge headgear. They continue the video with dancers who are seen scantily dressed in corsets, nipple pasties, and an embellished jock strap. We also see Sam swinging from a chandelier while the dancers are in bed, being intimate with each other.

The overtly-sexual music video did not go down very well with a section of viewers including the LGBTQIA+ community. As per Just Jared, some people from the community wrote fatphobic comments for Sam, while they criticized them for wearing a corset.

One tweet then called out the fatphobic comment which read, "Hateful fatphobic gays be like idk the outfit is ugly so it’s okay I can keep bullying Sam Smith but if the muscle gay on the right wore the same corset they’d be gagging all over again. Idc what anyone says, if a twink or especially a muscle gay wore the entirely same outfit y’all would be doing backflips about it." 

Others claimed they were not fatphobic, but simply did not like the styling and how the corset fit the singer.

A certain section of viewers believe that the sex-positive themes of the video are not appropriate for children, and that the video should come with age restrictions on YouTube.

As per The Print, political commentator Dominique Samuels slammed them on Twitter as they wrote, "Sam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people. It makes celebrities vulgar, hyper-sexualized and obsessed with wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And to make matters worse, kids look up to this man!" 

What should be noted is that some have come to Sam's defense as well.