Robert Redford wore TWO underwear to PROTECT himself from Barbra Streisand

By Maryland Hargreaves January 27, 2023
Robert Redford wore TWO underwear to PROTECT himself from Barbra Streisand

Robert Redford opens up about the sex scene with Barbra Streisand.

According to a new book, Robert Redford 'protected himself' from the actress who was 'infatuated' with him during sex scenes with Barbra Streisand in the classic film The Way We Were by donning two sets of tight underwear.

The now-86-year-old Hollywood veteran was hesitant to work with Streisand, 80, and even put on "two athletic supporters" before sharing a bed for the first time with his co-star.

The Way They Were: How Epic Battles and Bruised Egos Brought a Classic Hollywood Love Story to the Screen, written by Robert Hofler and published on January 24, sheds light on the tension and drama between the two actors.

The 1973 romance picture that won Streisand an Oscar nod for Best Actress is described in depth in the book, including its torturous pre-production, filming, and post-production.

However, the book claims that Redford first resisted getting close to a woman he didn't regard as a "serious actress" in order to "protect himself," as he was a happily married father of four children.

Meanwhile, Streisand was "mesmerised" by Redford's physical allure and yearned to mate with him.

She even wore a bikini for their sex scene, but Redford made sure the action was "pretty-G rated," according to Hofler, by wearing two pairs of underwear.

Redford, 36, and Streisand, 30, were the actors when the film was filmed between August and November 1972.

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