BTS' Jimin reveals challenges of working solo after band hiatus

By Madison Raymond January 26, 2023
BTS' Jimin has become the brand ambassador of Dior

Even the most talented stars are prone to pressure.

In a recent interview with W Korea, Jimin, a member of the South-Korean boy group BTS, revealed he’s been feeling stressed out about releasing his first-ever solo album.

The Serendipity singer shared that while the album will not be “grand” or “huge,” it would mirror his personal experiences over the last two years.

“I feel a lot of pressure… As I experienced “the past 2 years, I put my feelings and thoughts in the album chronologically,” he told the magazine during a behind-the-scene clip of the photoshoot.

“It’s an album that I can look back on myself, I think? I would like you to think like that,” Jimin shared.

The Filter artist also went on to compare working as a group with working solo for the first time, saying that the creative process is slower than he’d have liked as he has to “think through every aspect on his own” rather than consulting fellow band members.

“Since I am working on an album like this for the first time, ‘Can it be released like this’. I am having lots of thoughts like that, which makes me modify more and do it over. So…More than the fans waited, it can feel like it’s coming out late,” Jimin noted.

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