January 26, 2023

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Teen Wolf: The Movie opens with lukewarm reception

An announcement of Teen Wolf: The Movie left fans in awe but it seems that it failed to impress

By Jean Valjean January 26, 2023
Teen Wolf: The Movie returned with its well-loved pack starring Tyler Posey 

Teen Wolf: The Movie first made waves when it was announced that the well-loved pack was set to return for a movie.

However, critics have shared the two cents after the movie premiered with a rather lukewarm reception.

As per reviews, many claimed that the movie could have been done much better as it failed to live up to standards.

EJ Moreno of Flickering Myth said that the movie "feels too much like an elongated TV episode of the show," and despite its "solid fan service," it "offers little else." 

Stacey Yvonne from Black Girl Nerds dubbed the movie "a really well written fanfic by someone who has never seen the show but watched clips on YouTube."

Some were notably harsher as Decider’s Anna Menta wrote: "If you love Teen Wolf to the point that you'd do anything to spend a few more hours in Beacon Hills, go ahead and give it a stream. But if you're a casual fan who was in it for Stiles and supernatural teenage fun, don't bother. Stick with the fanfiction."

What was notably was the glaring absence of the universe’s deeply-loved character Stiles, played by Dylan O’Brien who did not return for the movie, and that rubbed viewers the wrong way.

"Try as they might make Eli the new Stiles, Mattis lacks any charm or talent for a guest role let alone a lead that they painstakingly attempt. There is a lot of repetitiveness going on in the movie but it is more notable with Eli," Leigh Doyle of Midgard Times said.