Britney Spears deletes Instagram AGAIN, leaving fans curious

By Samantha David January 26, 2023

Britney Spears deletes Instagram AGAIN, leaving fans curious

Britney Spears, the so-called Princess of Pop, decided to delete her Instagram account, and her millions of followers immediately panicked, began to construct all kinds of hypotheses, and became concerned for her safety, so much so that they contacted the police to come to her house to see if she was okay.

Spears' odd behaviour in recent months, which culminated a few days ago when she fabricated a controversy in a Los Angeles restaurant, has caused millions of her admirers to assume that the Toxic singer is suffering from a mental illness.

While this is not the first time Britney has deleted her Instagram account, her admirers are concerned because they fear she is in danger of injuring herself. That's why they phoned the cops to see if she was all right.

The officials stated that there was no cause to fear Spears was in danger, but they did not specify if they spoke directly to Britney or if someone else told them she was fine.

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