Randy Gonzalez, TikTok star dies at 35

By Betty Cruise January 26, 2023
Randy Gonzalez, TikTok star dies at 35

Randy Gonzalez, may his soul rest in peace.

On Wednesday morning, Randy Gonzalez, the father of the well-known TikTok performers Enkyboys, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 35 while receiving hospice care.

After a valiant struggle with stage 4 colon cancer, which he shared with his 15.4 million+ fans on TikTok in April, six months after his diagnosis, he passed away.

The father of three revealed to followers at the time that doctors had given him two to three years to live and said that chemotherapy might add another five years to his life.

His current chemotherapy regimen was "not working," he said in his second-to-last TikTok video, but otherwise, things were going OK.

While standing next to his wife and his six-year-old son, Brice, he said to the audience, "I do feel good."

'I'm just happy we're back in Texas with the family.'

He acknowledged in the video that they haven't been uploading as a result of him feeling "sick all the time."

Gonzalez used his position to raise awareness of colon cancer after receiving his heartbreaking diagnosis and posted on social media that he was attempting to stay "strong for the family."

Even though he made an effort to remain optimistic during the tragedy, he admitted that at times it felt like he and his family were merely "going through the motions" and dealing with his cancer diagnosis "day by day."

He said in subsequent videos that despite being given "five years to live" by physicians, he "still looks up for better days."

Gonzalez said in November that his medical treatment had been "horrible" and that he had "barely started moving again."

'Cancer sucks. It sucks the life out of you and makes you feel like you have nothing to live for but in reality, you do...You have to be strong to fight cancer and beat it,' he said.

The influencer added, 'I want to be a testimony of this in another year or so when I'm still alive.'

His supporters pitched in to gather $212,000 in donations through GoFundMe to pay for his treatment after learning that the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston would not take his insurance for chemotherapy.

Gonzalez was tremendously pleased for his son to be cast as Chance on the November 4 debut of Lopez Vs. Lopez on NBC.

In 2019, Randy and his son made a name for themselves on TikTok by posting amusing lip-syncing videos. They even shared the screen on a GMA segment.

His wife Kimberly Gonzalez, son Brice, and daughters Lauran and Aubree remain in this world.

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