Pokimane warns against Buccal fat removal surgery

By Ellen James January 25, 2023
Pokimane took to TikTok to warn her fans against the procedure 

Twitch star Pokimane gave her two cents on the Buccal fat removal trend and issued a warning to her fans against the procedure.

In a post on TikTok the streamer shared that she was glad about her "chubby cheeks".

"I see so many people talk about buccal fat removal and young people hating their chubby cheeks," she began. 

"So I wanna tell you what I told myself at this age, when I didn’t like my chubby cheeks.

"I told myself, okay, I might hate that I look like a baby now, but I’ll appreciate it when I’m older."

"Just a friendly reminder, especially to anybody who’s young — throughout your twenties, your face will still continue to change a little bit. There are also lots of natural ways you can improve your face shape. …but please don’t feel the need to rush into a procedure just because of a little cute baby fat."

For the unversed the Buccal fat removal is a procedure which involves removing or thinning the fat on the cheeks in a bid to make the face look slimmer.

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