Larry Wilmore going to host 2023 Ambie Awards

By Maryland Hargreaves January 25, 2023
Larry Wilmore going to host 2023 Ambie Awards

Larry Wilmore is the host of the 2023 Ambie Awards.

When it was revealed that seasoned comedian and actor Larry Wilmore would be hosting the Ambie Awards in 2023, the audio industry was taken aback.

Two categories are recognised by this set of awards in the podcasting sector. The ceremony, usually referred to as the Academy Awards, will take place in Las Vegas on March 7, 2023.

Donald Albright, the CEO of Tenderfoot TV and the chair of The Podcast Academy, commented on this news as follows:

"Larry’s prolific body of work and unique humor spans the stage, screen and podcasting."

He continued by saying that Wilmore is a legend in his own right and that they are fortunate to have him host the awards.

The crew and the neighbourhood, Donald continued, are eager to see and hear what the 61-year-old comic would offer to the ceremony.

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