How much child star Violet McGraw was paid for horror film M3GAN?

By Madison Raymond January 24, 2023
Violet McGraw signed a four-contract with the production company for her role in the film 

Violet McGraw, the child star in the horror flick M3GAN, was paid a handsome salary for her role in the film.

As per TMZ, McGraw signed a four-week contract with the production company and was paid $3,932.50 per week.

The production was reportedly extended for two more weeks for the government-mandated quarantine in New Zealand.

Moreover, she was also promised a bonus for how well the film does at the box office, and now that it's made over $73 million in the U.S. since its release, the 11-year-old actress is potentially looking at an extra $150K.

The horror flick stars McGraw as orphaned girl Cady who comes to live with her roboticist aunt played by Allison Williams, who accidentally creates an A.I. murderer doll M3GAN.

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