Diane Keaton on being a staple of rom-com genre: 'I just really enjoy it'

By Sarah Khan January 24, 2023
Diane Keaton on being a staple of rom-com genre

Diane Keaton is a sucker for romance.

The 77-year-old actress has been a staple in the many rom-coms during the peak of her career.

She recently starred in the upcoming romantic comedy, Maybe I Do, starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as the main protagonists.

Speaking to Collider, Keaton reflected on her extensive film career, embellished with romance and comedy.

When asked the reason behind her choice to be the staple of the genre, she said, “For me, I have to feel like I'm just pretty much doing me. But then I'm in these situations that are really wonderful. I love the theater. I love the walk and talk after the theater. I love scenes [like] the big fight scenes, and I just enjoy it. I just really enjoy it.”

She continued: “I went to acting school when I was young. The neighborhood playhouse was Sandy Meisner, who was such a great... He really did give me so much. And now these things happen in our lives, sometimes we get lucky like that, and sometimes you don't.”

Discussing her theatre career, Keaton recalled being in 1968 Tribal Love-Rock Musical Hair as one of the most memorable gigs she’s ever done.

“It was great because it was the first time I was ever on a stage in New York, ever. It's been a really interesting life regarding that, the work, and how it changes with time, and what you do at one time. Maybe you let it go, and you move on,” she shared.

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