Dolly Parton announces some enthralling collabs for forthcoming Rock album

Dolly Parton is excited to collab with Cher for her upcoming Rock album

By Jean Valjean January 24, 2023

Dolly Parton announces some enthralling collabs for forthcoming Rock album

Dolly Parton’s soon to release a rock and roll album for which the singer is just enough enthusiast to gather all the musical names on board.

In a recent interview of the 10-time grammy winner singer on The Rachel Ray Show, she talked about her upcoming rock album and hinted an expected duet with a fellow beloved superstar, Cher.

"I've got a lot of wonderful iconic songs people love and wonderful iconic singers joining me — like Elton John, who is on one of the songs he wrote. Paul McCartney sang with me," the 77-year-old singer-songwriter told host Rachael Ray. "Hopefully we're going to have Cher... We've got all kinds of wonderful people."

Parton first unleashed her idea of making an album in November 2022 while accepting an accolade from the prestigious organization as a reputed country artist. She first teased her new song Rockin in the ceremony.

"As you know when I went into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I wrote a little special song for that to sum up my feelings about how I wasn't sure I was a rockstar," she recalled to Ray, 54. "But you know me well enough to know I'm not going to let an opportunity go by."

"I thought if I'm ever going to do a rock and roll album — which I often dreamed someday I might — that the time is now," added Parton. "So, I reached out to a lot of friends who were on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with me when we were there those few days rehearsing. So, now I'm doing an album... It's called Rock Star, and here I am at 77 going to be a rock star."