Woman blackmailed to claim she is Andrew Tate 'victim', exposes corruption in case

By Jean Valjean January 24, 2023
Andrew Tate (L) is being fiercely defended by a woman named Jasmina (R) despite being on the victims list

A woman named Jasmina, who claimed to be included in the list of victims that Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate allegedly terrorised, came forward to reveal that she was forced to falsely 'confess' to the duo's crimes.

In a video posted on Twitter, she said that her friends and family were wrongly held in prison for crimes they did not commit ever since she publicly declared that she was not a victim to the Tate brothers.

Defending the brothers, she went on to say, "I am not a victim. There are no victims in the case even though the prosecution tells me that I am."

As to why Jasmina was being forced to make a 'false confession' she reasoned that the election of a new leader for DIICOT, the organisation that investigates crime and terrorism and was in charge of the Tate brothers' arrest, has been announced and is using Andrew "to make headlines".

"The prosecution has no evidence to support their claims and they will find no evidence since there is no truth to this allegation. It is the most corrupted case- in Romania- I’ve ever seen. They’re holding innocent people in jail for nothing,

"I need you to wake up and see what is going on around you," she said. 

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate is are currently in the custody of Romanian authorities as they are being investigated for their crimes in connection to human trafficking, rape and organised crime.

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