Death of slain Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick explored in docuseries

By Betty Cruise January 24, 2023
Amie Harwick was reportedly afraid of her ex lover Gareth Pursehouse 

Famed Hollywood sex therapist Amie Harwick was reportedly afraid of leaving her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse before he mercilessly murdered her, Harwick’s friend Maricela "Marcy" Mendoza told Fox News.

Harwick’s gruesome death, where she died after being thrown over by Pursehouse from the third floor of her balcony, is being explored in an Investigation Discovery (ID) true-crime docuseries Death by Fame.

Mendoza detailed her late friend’s toxic relationship with Pursehouse, who was a software engineer and an aspiring comedian, and said: "I met Gareth around the time they started dating." 

"There were points in time when I just didn’t want to hang out if she brought him along just because I didn’t get a good feeling about him. I just felt like he was very possessive of her – too possessive. We would go out, just the three of us – my boyfriend was always working. I was like the third wheel in this relationship. And he would just start making out with her, like full tongue.

"If there was a guy around who would be looking at her, [Gareth] would then pull her in. It always made me feel uncomfortable. It just gave me a bad feeling. He was always making fun of her, whatever her hang-up was about her looks that week. He would try to isolate her from her friends… She lost a lot of friends during that time. That was one of the main reasons why she ended up breaking up with him.

"We had all told her to break up with him,

"When they were together, he was very possessive. He was the type of person who would tell you things to bring you down to make you feel less of yourself.

"He would joke about you or your appearance and then say, ‘I’m just joking.’ But he would say it in a very vindictive and malicious way. Amie was scared of leaving him."

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