Anna Kendrick on being part of Twilight: It feels very much like a fever dream

By Betty Cruise January 21, 2023
Anna Kendrick on her role in Twilight: "It feels very much like a fever dream" 

Actress Anna Kendrick, the popular actress recently opened up about her film Twilight and what it was like being associated with the much celebrated film franchise.

Anna is currently on the high with excellent reviews received by her latest release Alice, Darling. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the actress talked about her experience filming the romantic Twilight. 

 "At that time, I was this satellite figure in those films. I could still walk down the street totally fine, even though some of them did still recognize me from them. I wasn’t playing a character that made people fantasize about vampires." 

" Being part of Twilight feels very much like a fever dream." 

At the same time she also talked about the plight of the Twilight stars and revealed that even the most famous faces did not have it easy. 

"At that time it felt like, ‘Oh, these people have become the most famous people on planet Earth, and it’s going to stay this way forever.’ Then they became the butt of every joke. It was very funny to me that that’s happening. That’s very wild." 


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