James Cameron enters $2B club as Avatar blockbuster dominates box office

By Betty Cruise January 20, 2023
Avatar: The Way of Water is closing in on $2 billion 

James Cameron has added a feather to his cap after his latest movie Avatar: The Way of Water crossed Spider-Man: No Way Home and is on its way to be the sixth biggest film worldwide as it is expected to hit the $2billion benchmark over the weekend.

The epic sci-fi sequel added another $12million to its success, amounting to $1.928billion, just yesterday, effectively leaving behind No Way Home.

However, it is pertinent to mention that No Way Home did not release in China due to an unofficial ban on films featuring a Marvel character.

Regardless, Cameron’s latest work is expected to close in on $2billion this weekend and effectively will become the sixth movie to achieve this milestone, Cameron’s third with Titanic and the original Avatar.

The overseas market that contributed greatly are China ($217.4M), France ($123.3M), Germany $108.5M), Korea ($93.6M), the UK ($77.7M), India ($56.9M), Australia ($51.9M), Mexico ($49.4M), Spain ($43.8M) and Italy ($43.7M).

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