Prince William shares Kate Middleton cooking habits: 'She’s a very good cook'

By Betty Cruise January 18, 2023

Prince William shares Kate Middleton cooking habits: ‘She’s a very good cook’

Prince William speaks about his wife Kate Middleton’s cooking routine on Tuesday while they pay visit to the charity together as one, to know how the organization is working to make optimistic social change.

While visiting the charity center, Prince of Wales worn a blue apron to join the cooking session that was aimed to teach youngsters how to cook healthy and nutritious food keeping in mind the surge of food prices and inflation.

"Oh, it smells good in here!" the Prince, 40, noted as soon as he entered the kitchen, as per Daily Mail.

Chef Kevin Muhammad shares with him that they were cooking chicken teriyaki despite the fact that it’s still bit early for it.

"What time is it — 10, 11 in the morning? It's making my stomach rumble," William commented.

Also, Prince William talks about the improvisation and experimenting the food mostly the family teams up for it and produce some delicious delicacy often.

"I do a bit of cooking, not much though," he said. "Catherine's very good though."

Prince William's specialty?

"I do a mean steak," he said. "My sauces come out quite dry or lumpy — I've got to work on those!"

Moreover, Prince and Princess of Wales last year shared a photo during Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, where their three kids were trying to make and bake the cake.

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