January 13, 2023


Andrew Tate 'counts kills' in cockroach-infested prison whilst in Romanian custody

Andrew Tate detailed his currently living conditions in prison and made some surprising claims

By Jean Valjean January 13, 2023
Andrew Tate is currently being investigated for human trafficking, rape and organised crimes

Andrew Tate is giving his fans an insight on his life in prison as the disgraced social media influencer is currently in the custody of Romanian authorities.

In a cryptic post on Twitter, the Hustlers University founder said that he is being held in a cell that is "pitch black" and "surrounded by cockroaches".

Adding to this, he said that the conditions are so poor that he is "unable to sleep".

"Pitch black surrounded by cockroaches. Unable to sleep, I hunt in the dark. I await daybreak to count my kills," he cryptically wrote.

This comes after Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate, along with two other women, were denied bail as the quartet continues to be investigated for allegations pertaining to human trafficking, rape and organised crimes.  

Since his arrest, many bombshell claims have surfaced against the Tate brothers, with Andrew in the spotlight, the latest being a string of voicemails and WhatsApp messages from a woman claiming that he raped her back in 2013.