January 09, 2023


Prince Harry recalls 'happy' moment in saying 'goodbye' to Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Harry narrated the last moments of seeing his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II

By Betty Cruise January 09, 2023
Prince Harry (L) and Queen Elizabeth II (R)

Prince Harry narrated the heart-wrenching moments when he first saw his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II after she died.

In his sit down with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes the Duke of Sussex said that he reconsidered about going to Balmoral to say his final goodbyes privately.

He said: "I walked into the hall, and my aunt was there to greet me. And she asked me if I wanted to see her. I thought about it for about five seconds, thinking, 'Is this a good idea?'

He said: "And I was, like, "You know what? You can-- you can do this. You-- you need to say goodbye."

He went on to share that he was happy to meet her for the last times and found peace in knowing that the late monarch finally reunited with her husband Prince Philip.

He said: "So I went upstairs, took my jacket off and walked in and just spent some time with her alone. She was in her bedroom. I was actually - I was really happy for her.

"Because she'd finished life. She'd completed life, and her husband was - was waiting for her. And the two of them are buried together."