Prince Harry claims William stunk of booze on the morning of his nuptials to Kate Middleton

Prince Harry made some bombshell claims in his memoir Spare pr

By Jean Valjean January 08, 2023

Excerpts of the new bombshell book written set to be released next week have seen the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, state that his brother had still been tipsy on the morning of the nuptials at Westminster Abbe and so exuded a bad alcoholic smell just hours before his wedding to ladylove Kate Middleton. 

William basically got drunk on rum claiming it became a big mess and he had to offer the Duke of Rothesay mints to cover the smell. 

According to the Mirror, in one such excerpt, Harry wrote that in the build up to his big brother's wedding, Prince William "begged" him to accompany him while he went down to greet people camping out on the Mall; the avenue that goes from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square.

Harry wrote that "Willy, already tipsy from the rum, shouted: 'Let's go down and see them!'" 

According to a translation, William was told by the security team that the visit was "strongly discouraged" but he told them he needed to "see the people".

Describing how the pair travelled together to the Mall ahead of the big day in 2011, Harry wrote that they went out into the street and shook hands with people, who wished "Willy" well, and told him that they loved him and Kate.