Cher rubbishes all claims of being engaged

Singer Cher tweets a picture of a diamond ring

By Jean Valjean December 27, 2022
Cher rubbishes all claims of being engaged 

American singer Cher addressed engagement rumors with boyfriend Alexander Edwards after pictures of a massive diamond ring did rounds. 

She first sparked such speculations on Christmas as Edwards held the ring box in his hand. 

Tweeting the same, Cher as caption wrote, "THERE ARE NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, AE." 

Fans were quick to take the hint which meant Cher was announcing her engagement to the 36-year-old music producer. "Wait wait wait hold uppp!! Is that a diamond ring or a ring with diamonds???? What does it meeeaaaan?????????" 

However, all this buzz and frenzy caused Cher to repost a pictures after a few hours, explaining reasons behind why she actually uploaded them and that such rumors were not true. 

 "I posted this cause his nails are so cool." In the picture, AE's fingernails were painted black with green flames.