Is Johnny Depp's career crash despite winning defamation case?

Johnny Depp's career might be in danger despite winning defamation case

By Madison Raymond December 24, 2022

Is Johnny Depp's career crash despite winning defamation case?

Johnny Depp's victory in his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard did not assist his career as an actor.

Despite compliments from Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer, industry insiders do not envision Depp "being redeemed."

"I think he will have a career but I don’t see him being redeemed," the source said of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor.

"I think big-name people in Hollywood will steer clear of him."

Depp found himself in hot water after writing an article in The Washington Post about herself as a victim of domestic abuse.

Since then, various charges against Depp have surfaced, including him reportedly hitting Heard and sexually abusing her with a wine bottle, which Hollywood executives are refusing to dismiss.

Bruckheimer recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he would "love" to have Depp in the sixth chapter of the successful Disney film franchise.

Nevertheless, the Hollywood source does not believe it will come to reality.

"Disney is the most scandal-averse of the studios because of their brand and theme parks," the source told The Post.

"There are different levels of shunning," the insider shared. "[Depp] is not at the Kevin Spacey level. My guess is that he is more in the Mel Gibson range."

"The international audience will be happy to see him in things and probably a lot of people in the United States as well," they continued.

"But I can tell you something about both of those guys [Depp and Gibson]. If you bring them up in the dominant studio world [as candidates to anchor a film], it is not a no, but it is a question: 'Who else do you have?'"

The source further added that Johnny Depp will "continue to do movies financed in the international market, financed with foreign production companies."

"The deals will come from people who are third or fourth tier. They show up with a lot of money and it all goes to the star. You saw that at the end of Bruce Willis’s career. You see that in terms of John Travolta."