Florence Pugh walk at British Fashion awards was ‘quite a moment’

Florence Pugh walks in Valentino's red gown on British Fashion Red Carpet

By Samantha David December 08, 2022
Florence Pugh looks jaw dropplingly beautiful in red Valentino gown 

Florence Pugh resumed to bless the red carpets with her iconic cult looks.

This time, the Don’t Worry darling actress sported a drop dead gorgeous red gown designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative designer of Valentino.

The red hue of Pugh dress was so radiant that it reflected into her energy on the red carpet with the director of her latest movie. And to complement that she wore even more beautiful red lips with the gown that’s tail was not entitled.

Pugh posted a carousel of photos from the event on her Instagram feed with the caption that reads: "WOW. WOWZER. My first night ever at The British Fashion Awards and quite frankly hard to ever top that."

She continued that, "I got to give this insanely talented man his award. Truly, thank you for letting me be a part of your family’s moment @pppiccioli, and thank you for always showing everyone such love and kindness. I feel very grateful and honoured to have found a friend in you."

The actress concluded her post while praising the designer: "Dripping with Valentino red from shoulders to beyond, a design by the man himself. Quite the pinch me moment. We danced, we cheers’ed, we hugged. Glorious evening. @maisonvalentino."