Prince Harry, Meghan Markle 'recreate' royal moments for Netflix documentary

By George Johnson December 06, 2022
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting criticised for their Netflix documentary

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have allegedly been forging royal moments to make it seem like they are "speaking the truth" in their Netflix docuseries.

In the second trailer of the documentary, the Sussexes, who were supposedly speaking the "truth" about "dirty" royal games recreated and copied famous moments from the past.

"The Harry & Meghan docuseries is another attempt by the couple to control their narrative and frame the story in the way most favourable to them," Gertrude said. "And like their previous interviews and such, there will need to be some fact checking."

Gertrude explained: "What I found most interesting about the trailer released today was the inclusion of photos and video of Princess Diana & Princess Kate being surrounded by Paparazzi.

"And then interspersed are clips of Harry & Meghan with the press, trying to indicate they went through the same Paparazzi harassment.

"But many of the clips shown in the trailer are from official engagements where the press would have been invited and given certain areas to stand and snap photos of the couple arriving and departing."

She continued: "And the clip showing Paparazzi swarming the car was not of Harry & Meghan. Rather the clip is of Michael Cohen, President Trump's Former Lawyer as he left for Prison Term, filmed in 2019.

"And given Princess Diana treatment by the press & Princess Kate’s pre-engagement the UK has developed stricter Paparazzi rules to prevent those things from happening today."

"The trailer also played a clip of Harry and Meghan from their first photocall with Archie, with all these flashes going off," Gertrude told the Daily Star.

"But in reality, there was limited press there hand picked by the palace, who would then share the photos and videos with remaining media.

"So, that was actually an attempt to limit the media intrusion and allow the couple a more peaceful way to introduce their son to the world compared to the Cambridge/Wales kids who were presented in front of hundreds of the world media," she noted.

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