Royal family killed Princess Diana over pregnancy with boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed

By Samantha David November 27, 2022
Dodi Al Fayed (L) and Princess Diana were reportedly expecting a child together 

Princess Diana was allegedly killed in Paris after intelligence services discovered that she was pregnant with boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed.

The former Princess of Wales, as per Dodi's father Mohamed Al Fayed who spoke to Radar, was reportedly tracked down months before her death and used satellites to listen to conversations between the couple which confirmed a pregnancy.

"The truth will come out one day. The evidence will show that she had a child by my son," Mohamed insisted. 

"I believe Diana and Dodi were killed because she was expecting a baby with a Muslim.

A friend of the couple doubled down on the claims saying that the royal family was spying on the mother-of-two.

The insider said: "They were planning to get married, and Dodi had bought her an engagement ring which the tapes will reveal."

"They also contain highly sensitive conversations in which she opines about her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, and details of her previous affair with Major James Hewitt. They are the only way left to prove that Diana was expecting Dodi's child."

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