Kate Middleton weighs in on early childhood development: ‘fundamental years’

By Betty Cruise November 26, 2022
Kate Middleton weighs in on early childhood development: ‘fundamental years’

Kate Middleton has recently discussed about early childhood development in an op-ed published on Friday.

In the write-up for The Telegraph, the Princess of Wales said that the first five years of children’s lives are the “most preventative years and needed proper nurture”.

“Over the past 10 years, talking to a wide range of experts about how we deal with societal issues, like poor mental and physical health, I have become more and more sure of one thing: if we are going to create a healthier and happier society for future generations, we must start by understanding and acknowledging the unique importance of the first five years of life,” wrote the 40-year-old.

Kate also pointed out the reasons of poor mental health, which included homelessness, violence and addiction. She elaborated that core foundations develop during those first five years, called it as “fundamental years”.

Speaking about raising awareness about early childhood, Kate stated, “We have an incredible opportunity. Armed with all we now know as a result of the work of dedicated scientists, researchers and practitioners, to make a huge difference to the mental and physical health of generations to come.”

Kate mentioned that she’s determined to “continue to shine a light on this issue and do everything” she could to secure “greater focus on those first crucial few years for the youngest members” of a society. -

“They are, after all, our future,” concluded Kate.

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