Princess Diana 'murdered' as she was expecting a baby by a Muslim, claims Dodi Al Fayed’s father

By Betty Cruise November 26, 2022
Princess Diana 'murdered' as she was expecting a baby by a Muslim, claims Dodi Al Fayed’s father

Princess Diana’s death in a car crash is still a mystery and now new revelation about the accident has recently surfaced.

Late Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were reportedly together in a car that took away their lives. However, Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed opened up that the couple were “expecting a child”.

“The truth will come out one day. Evidence will show she was having a child by my son,” revealed Mohamed via Radar.

Late Dodi’s father alleged, “I believe Diana and Dodi were murdered because she was expecting a baby with a Muslim.”

It is pertinent to mention that an “autopsy would tell the truth about late Diana carrying a “child” at the time of her death.

Mohamed asserted that her “organs were removed immediately after she was pronounced dead”.

A source close to Mohamed told outlet, “His security team has asked US government officials to release the tapes under the Freedom of Information Act.”

Mohamed mentioned that Dr Michael Burgess, who is set to look into the matter of late Diana’s death, “is not scheduling the inquest until next year, so there is ample time to have them released”.

Mohamed further claimed that the “tapes” would show the “seriousness of Diana and Dodi’s romance”.

Another friend of late Dodi stated, “They were planning to marry, and Dodi had bought her an engagement ring which the tapes will reveal.”

“They also contain highly sensitive conversations giving her opinion of her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, and details of her previous details of her previous affair with Major James Hewitt,” commented a friend.

The source added, “They're the only way left to prove that Diana was expecting Dodi's child.”

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