Chucky Season 03: Don Mancini dishes on future plans for the series

Chucky Season 2 recently ended with a cliffhanger finale

By George Johnson November 25, 2022
Chucky Season 03: Don Mancini dishes on future plans after 'interesting cliffhanger'

Chucky Season 3 is a soaring possibility after the latest cliffhanger on the Season 2 finale.

Speaking to, the series creator Don Mancini dished on the future plans for the killer doll franchise.

"It's an interesting cliffhanger that we've left things on because now those kids are much more, what's the phrase, front footed than they've ever been before with regard to what they need to do to deal with Chucky," he shared, adding that if the sow does not renew for a third season, the story could continue in a feature film format.

Mancini continued: "Because now Caroline has gone off with Tiffany. Now, they're confiding in Miss Fairchild. So, it's basically taking those characters who have aged as kids, but also as Chucky survivors. And now, they're more in the category of Kyle and Andy. “

“They know the truth about Chucky. They have to be more on the offensive now than they've ever been going into the future," he added.