Margot Robbie says Martin Scorsese told her 'every great movie' has THIS shot

By Betty Cruise November 25, 2022

Director Martin Scorsese let Margot Robbie in on a secret about what makes a film “great.”

The 32-year-old Australian actress reflected on her experience of working with Scorsese on her debut film The Wolf of Wall Street, during a sit-down at Bafta on Nov. 22. 

The Barbie actress shared  that the 80-year-old director loved to “sit around and tell stories about the Mafia and old film stars.”

She went on to note the element Scorsese thought was essential to make a great film.

“We were shooting the shot where I’m running up the stairs, and he turns to me and goes, ‘Every great movie has a stair shot,’” she said.

“I’ve told so many directors since that Martin Scorsese says every great movie has a stairwell shot, so get the stairs in there.”

The Birds of Prey star also gushed about how Scorsese used to create a free-spirited environment on the set which made it a “bit of a free for all.”