Malaysia's Anwar becomes Prime Minister

By Ellen James November 25, 2022
Malaysia's Anwar becomes Prime Minister 

Anwar Ibrahim was crowned in as Malaysia's Prime Minister on Thursday, capping a three-decade political journey from the protege of the western leader Mahathir Mohamed to a protest leader. 

His appointment ends five days of unprecedented post-election crisis, but could usher in a new instability with his rival, former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin, challenging him to prove his majority in parliament.

Both men then failed to catch votes on the Saturday election, but the constitutional monarch King Al-Sultan Abdullah appointed Anwar as the ruler after chats with several lawmakers. 

Anwar has taken over at a very tough yet challenging time as the economy is slowing down and the country becomes divided following the tight election  that pitted Anwar’s progressive coalition against Muhyiddin’s mostly conservative ethnic-Malay, Muslim alliance.

The 75-year-old has time and again been denied premiership, he was the deputy PM in the 1990's and the official Prime Minister-in waiting in 2018. 

In between all this, he spent nearly a decade in jail for sodomy and corruption to what he says were political charges aimed at ending his career.