Did Dr Disrespect hints at possible collaboration with Elon Musk?

By Ellen James November 25, 2022

Did Dr Disrespect hints at possible collaboration with Elon Musk?

Dr Disrespect has been outspoken about Twitter's acquisition by Elon Musk and some of his policies since then, such as the contentious verified adjustments.

By disclosing on Twitter that he approached the CEO of Tesla with his game studio Midnight Society, Doc is teasing Elon about a fresh idea. Fans are obviously in a frenzy over the potential collaboration as the studio works on Deadrop, its debut title.

With a promise to update followers, Doc tweeted on Thanksgiving that he had pitched Midnight Society to Elon Musk while "flying on his private jet."

Musk is a pretty avid player himself, so it's not too crazy to think that he may invest in a video game business.

A funny picture of Elon and the two-time enjoying their Thanksgiving lunch on a jet was attached. Doc received a complete turkey, while the founder of SpaceX appeared dissatisfied with his onboard meal.

Fans expressed their excitement over the two possibly teaming up and what Musk could bring to the table in the comments.

"Elon & Dr Disrespect collab is something I didn’t know I needed, but I do," one remarked.

"Finally, the Dr Disrespect x SpaceX collab we’ve all been waiting for," another lauded.

"Elon Musk fund Midnight Society yayayaya," said another using one of Doc’s signature watchwords.