Queen Elizabeth II had deep worry for Prince Andrew over Prince Harry

By Samantha David November 24, 2022
Prince Andrew was embroiled in a sex scandal that led him to be a castaway by the royal family

In the final days of Queen Elizabeth II's life she was reportedly worried for her beloved son, Prince Andrew rather than Prince Harry.

Royal expert Robert Hardman shared that since the Duke of York has been in hot waters due to his explosive sex scandal, which led to he subsequent shunning by the Royals, the Queen worried for his life ahead unlike Harry, who is enjoying his life in California.

Hardman said: "I think in a sense, I think, Andrew, the Duke of York was the greater worry.

"[This was] because Harry's got his life ahead of him.

"He's fine, he's happy, he's got a wife and a young family and, you know, he has options."

"I think her concern was that the Duke of York didn't have options," he continued.

Hardman noted that there was "no short-term solution" when "it [came] to Andrew".