Katie Price risks death after seeking more plastic surgery

Katie Price has been known to get multiple surgeries

By Betty Cruise November 24, 2022
Katie Price is known for her obsession with plastic surgery

Katie Price has sparked concern after wanting to go under the knife for more plastic surgery.

A source told OK! that the former glamour model’s fiancé Carl Woods "begged" her not to go for more procedures as she could risk her life.

"Carl has never really liked the thought of Katie getting surgery. The thought of her having more work done really scares him," a source. 

"Katie is obsessed with getting surgery and is constantly trying to change things about her body in order to feel accepted. The risks of surgery increase each time and with age – and Katie is at high risk.

"Carl is quite shocked and terrified for Katie. Each time Katie gets surgery she’s in horrific pain and this is extremely uncomfortable for Carl to watch. He wishes Katie would learn when to stop. She’s had dozens of surgeries and enough is enough. Carl loves Katie for who she is and thinks she doesn’t need these procedures."