Breaking News: Small plane crashes into Medellin neighbourhood

By Samantha David November 22, 2022

A Piper PA-31 has crashed in Columbia killing all eight onboard! 

It was a small Navajo Chieftain aircraft carrying an amount of 8 people including two crew members and 6 passengers but all died on spot in the tragic incident near the densely populated residential area of Medellin. 

However, there are no reports of a of any fatalities or injuries to persons on the ground. 

The jet had taken off from Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) and was just on the climb when it reported an engine failure before falling into a house. 

The Medellin mayor Daniel Quintero, said, "There has been a plane accident in the Belen Rosales sector. The full capacity of the government has been activated to assist the victims." 

"Unfortunately, the pilot was not able to keep the plane aloft, and it crashed in the neighborhood. Seven homes were destroyed and six other buildings damaged."

This Navajo Chieftan was built in 1976 and carries the manufacturer serial number  31-7652004.