'The Crown': Elizabeth Debicki ''felt the responsibility'' of wearing late Diana's revenge dress

By Ellen James November 21, 2022
Elizabeth Debicki ''felt the responsibility'' of late Diana's revenge dress 

Star Elizabeth Debicki recreated late Princess Diana's the most classic revenge dress! 

Ever since its release on November 9, 2022, everyone is talking about The Crown Season 5. While the latest season of the Golden Globe-winning series was met with a mixed reaction by critics and fans alike, if there's one thing that everyone positively agrees on; Elizabeth Debicki was picture-perfect as Princess Diana!

The 32 year old actress stunned in the revenge dress avatar which unsurprisingly consisted of a risque-off-shoulder, plunging neckline, black chiffon cocktail gown with a matching sheer train by Christina Stambolian - paired with black sheer stockings and black pumps and accessorised with a multi-string pearl choker alongside a huge sapphire brooch for a 1994 dinner at the Serpentine gallery in Kensington palace. 

As for why the daring outfit was deemed as the revenge by the press and fashion police is because the dinner was held the same night that the controversial, infamous documentary  Charles: The Private Man, the Public Role was broadcast, where Prince Charles admitted to his relationship with Camila Parker Bowles and cheating on Diana. Diana's fashion moment was definitely one for the royal family books.

About the attire, Debicki confessed, "We all felt the responsibility of the revenge dress because it's something that everybody wanted to see. And I tried to understand that, too, why it's so iconic and why it was so important. It's an incredibly powerful sartorial moment in the history of fashion." 

"That dress is so emblematic of so many things because it's so brave and beautiful, but it's also so tinged with our understanding of what was going on in this person's life. And so the duality of that is really powerful, I think, and we really felt that we had to do it properly."

She also noted it was not just her but The Crown's whole costume department, who also felt that pressure.