7-layer nacho fries added to Taco Bell menus, Enrichito returns

By Betty Cruise November 19, 2022

The Taco Bell fans have voted and the fast food chain listened with the vintage Enchirito is coming back to the menu for a limited time. 

The soft flour tortilla is loaded with seasoned beef, beans and diced onions, then rolled and covered with classic red enchilada sauce topped with melted cheddar cheese. 

 In addition to bringing back a throwback fan-favorite, Taco Bell also announced this week that it was adding two new offerings that expand on its popular Nacho Fries.

New-7 high fries are piled high with black beans, tomatoes, reduced fat-sour cream, warm nacho cheese sauce, chipotle sauce and revamped guacamole. 

This guacamole is made with real Hass avocados and onions.  Plus, it's an American Vegetarian Association certified vegan menu item.

Second upgraded item hitting menus is the new grilled cheese Nacho fries. which the fast food chain said takes notes from the Grilled Cheese Burrito.