Elizabeth Debicki of The Crown reveals her 'involuntarily acts' like Princess Diana

By George Johnson November 18, 2022

Elizabeth Deicki of The Crown reveals her 'involuntarily acts' like Princess Diana

Elizabeth Debicki brought her work with her to her house.

The late Princess Diana is portrayed by actress Elizabeth Debicki in season five of Netflix's The Crown. Debicki succeeded Emma Corrin in the coveted role, working arduously to embody Diana's personality.

The actress hasn't exactly been able to shake Diana's mannerisms because she was so focused on getting them right.

"Now apparently I do it all the time, involuntarily," Debicki exclusively told E! News. "I'm shooting season six at the moment. So I'm in and out."

Fortunately, Debicki wasn't left to figure out the complexities of her portrayal of the late Princess of Wales on her own.

"We have an amazing movement coach, Polly Bennett," Debicki said.

"She was so crucial in terms of holding that space for us to work out. It's not just, ‘They do this,' it's like, ‘Why would somebody do this?' You have to get on the inside of it."

Debicki was aware of the significance of the task at hand, especially because so many people still hold enduring bonds with Diana.

"It's really fascinating to do this job because people have this memory of the physicality, of course, and they have a memory of even the sonic sound of them," she said.

"It's really lodged in their lived memory. So, you feel this huge responsibility to create that on screen, but you obviously have to do it your way."