The Walking Dead showrunner promises a tear-jerker finale

By Arid Khaled November 17, 2022
The Walking Dead is ending after its 11-year run

With The Walking Dead nearing its end, the showrunner Angela Kang has promised a “cinematic” soundtrack, an “inspiring” storyline, and a hell lot of tears.

Speaking to TVLine, Kang gushed about the upcoming final episode of the 11-season show and revealed, “It’s a highly emotional episode.”

She continued: “For the audience, there will be tears, and the tears will come for different reasons for different characters.”

The latest episode of The Walking Dead saw Judith, played by Cailey Fleming, being shot by Pamela Milton, played by Laila Robins, as the other heroes prepare to save her and the world from zombies and the Commonwealth.

“So it’s really going to sound exceptionally cinematic,” Angela said of the series score. “The score that Bear McCreary and Sam Ewing came up with is so beautiful. I hope that it’s released as a soundtrack unto itself because it’s pretty incredible work.”

“Greg Nicotero pulled out all the stops directing a very, very challenging, huge episode in the midst of all the things that we had to deal with production-wise,” she added.

The series finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, Nov. 20 on AMC.