October 02, 2022


Drake’s ‘a guiding light’ for Adele during her low days: Here’s why

Adele turns to Drake for help over residency cancellation, source

By Betty Cruise October 02, 2022
Drake’s ‘a guiding light’ for Adele during her low days: Here’s why

Adele has recently revealed how Canadian rapper Drake helped her come out strong and better after she cancelled her Las Vegas residency earlier this year.

“Adele was very down and desperately hurt to have upset the fans in January,” spilled the source close to the singer via Daily Express UK.

In an interview with Elle, the Grammy Award winner called Drake “a key voice in assuring her to have the confidence to cancel and rebuild the show into the one she wanted”.

“He was a guiding light in backing her to step back, not to simply take the stage, and then to create the show she wanted,” shared insider.

Source told outlet, “Most stars would freak out and walk away, but Adele was steadied and assured by Drake to bounce back bigger and better.”

“The tone of their calls was ‘if you want to make this the best residency Vegas has ever seen, then take your time and do it right Rushing will not achieve your goals. The fans will wait’,” explained the source.

Source noted, “Rich is friends with Drake, so was backing her all the way to spend as long as she needed on calls and FaceTimes. They both feel now it has paid off.”

“Don’t be surprised if she thanks Drake on stage during her run,” remarked insider.

Meanwhile, Adele will reportedly open her residency at the Colosseum venue on November 18.