Interview with the Afrofuturist Sheree Renee Thomas

By Melanie Aiden September 30, 2022
Interview with the Afrofuturist Sheree Renee Thomas 

Memphis based fiction writer Sheree Renee Thomas sat with the green room to tell about Afrofuturism.

Renee's work is inspired by myth and folklore, natural science and the genius of the Mississippi Delta.

At the interaction she was asked about what superpower would she like to have.

About this she revealed, " The gift of languages. I know some people already have it. I wish I could understand any language in the world including languages of living things or anything outside of our world."

One of the most important questions asked to her was how she ventured into speculative fiction. 

Renee had very amazing grandparents who told her scary stories when young, "There was also some supernatural element which kept us engaged but also terrified. We also loved to watch B- horror movies and old science fiction movies with low tech effects."

She therefore gave people a small insight into the concept of Afrofuturism. 

" Its just a creative lens that people around the world are using to explore so many interesting topics."

" Mostly it's an art form that allows you to imagine yourself in the future."

If Renee could ever create a new planet it would be something based on the water, some lifeform in the water.