Harry Styles launches Pleasing makeup products

By Jean Valjean September 30, 2022
Harry Styles' brand Pleasing has launched a makeup collection in collaboration with Marco Riberio

Harry Styles is channeling his creativity into makeup products.

The music sensation recently launched his first makeup collection of his beauty brand Pleasing in collaboration with designer Marco Ribeiro.

The collection, which includes several products such as nail polishes, color pigments, and a gloss medium, was debuted at the Paris Fashion Week by Riberio.

The nail polish collection of the brand includes five shades. Meanwhile, a palette of powder pigments and a set of cream pigments are available in a variety of bright colors.

The brand, although launched by Styles is not – surprisingly – run by him. Instead, stylist Harry Lambert and his co-creative director Molly Hawkins are the ones with the reins.

Check out the collection here.  

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