The Duttons are 'At War' in season 5 trailer of 'Yellowstone': checkout it out

By Betty Cruise September 29, 2022
'Yellowstone' season 5 trailer released

Yellowstone season five trailer has been released by Paramount Network which sets on the pedestal of intense scenes.

The trailer for Yellowstone season five by Paramount Network, released on September 29, around GMT+5.

The trailer begins with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) swearing an oath to be the mayor of the state of Montana and vowing to dispel all foreign and domestic enemies.

The first act of John after resuming the office is to announce an act that Jamie (Wes Bentley) warns "is a declaration of war," to which John replies, "We’re already at war."

John also fires all the staff and refurbishes his office by appointing Beth as his chief of staff which also puts her as the first target of Carolyn Warner (Jackie Weaver).

The series trailer also reveals the continuing conspiracies and attacks from their enemies especially Carolyn Warner, and the Duttons defending themselves vociferously, which also puts their family bond through a litmus test.

The fifth season kicks in with a two-hour premiere event on November 13, Sunday.

Watch the trailer below: