Carlitos Bala dies at 97 after being admitted to hospital over health concerns

By Arid Khaled September 23, 2022
Carlitos Bala dies at 97

Actor and comic Carlitos Bala was admitted to the hospital after he sparked health concerns on Friday, September 23, and shortly died. 

Angel de Brito confirmed the news during his program Showmatch: The Academy, elaborating: “He had been admitted to the hospital due to an illness and that doctors had ordered him to be kept under observation.”

The specialist, Estefi Berardi, who was present on the show did a study and revealed, “The forecast is safe. We hope it doesn’t swim and he recovers soon.” As the panelists elaborated, he was moved by his family to the Geums Sanatorium in the past few hours.

Carlitos Bala only recently turned 97 on August 13.