Graham Cracker Pepsi: Beverage giant unveils three campfire flavours

By Samantha David September 23, 2022
Pepsi released three new flavours Toasty Marshmallow, Graham Cracker and Chocolate.

Pepsi fans can rejoice after the beverage giant unveiled not one but three new flavours.

Pepsi announced its S’more Collection that featured three different soda flavours namely Toasty Marshmallow, Graham Cracker and Chocolate.

The flavours are intended to be mixed together in different quantities to create different Pepsi liquid s’mores.

Toasty Marshmallow is described as a "marshmallow base with layers of toasted notes to mimic a light fireside flavor." 

Graham Cracker is "infused with notes of honey and cinnamon to achieve the perfect balanced graham cracker flavor profile." 

As for Chocolate, it has "dominant notes of cocoa throughout, with slight hints of vanilla to create extra creamy sweetness, mimicking a slightly melted chocolate flavor."