Jimmy Kimmel to continue Jimmy Kimmel Live for three more years

By Betty Cruise September 22, 2022
Jimmy Kimmel reveals that he will sticking around with his show for three more years

Jimmy Kimmel announced the extension of his contract for three more years during the 23rd season of the show.

Jimmy Kimmel has been the acting host and the executive producer for ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live since 2003.

According to Variety, as preparations began to celebrate the completion of two decades of the show, Jimmy Kimmel agreed to stick around for three more years, extending his contract which was set to expire in the 2023.

While renewing his contract in 2019, the host had already told the reporters that he had been 'seriously considering' to conclude his talk show until then-ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke convinced him to continue.

“After two decades at ABC, I am now looking forward to three years of what they call ‘quiet quitting,’” he mentioned in a statement.

Jimmy Kimmel Live is the longest-running late-night talk show with Jimmy being the longest-tenured host in ABC’s history.

“For 20 years, Jimmy Kimmel has been a huge part of the ABC family and the heartbeat of late-night television,” shared Craig Erwich, the president of ABC Entertainment.

“There is no one funnier and more authentic than Jimmy. We are so proud of the incredibly talented team at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and could not be happier to continue our partnership” he further continued.