Hulu’s new show 'Reboot': is it a Hollywood takedown?

By Betty Cruise September 22, 2022
Hulu’s new sitcom 'Reboot' director claims that the show just aims to entertain the audience

Steven Levitan, the director for Hulu’s new sitcom Reboot, shared interesting details about the show, claiming that the whole casts just aim to entertain the audience.

As per the reports of The Hollywood Reporter, Fox Lot hosted the premiere for the recently released sitcom Reboot directed by Steven Levitan who shed some light on the show’s plot.

“I’d say it’s a love letter, and maybe also a friendly roast,” said the director on the red carpet before the screening.

He went on to clarify how the show is definitely not the takedown of Hollywood and in fact, just captures a normal setting of people with daily lives conversations.

“I’ve met so many amazing people and some of them were, you know, unbelievably weird and quirky, and that’s what I wanted to capture. Sometimes you can have a room full of very normal people sitting around having a conversation about something absurd and I wanted to capture that, as well” shared Levitan.

Reboot is an American comedy series, featuring the struggles of a dysfunctional cast of 2000’s popular sitcom Step Right Up who are trying to navigate through their problems in the fast changing world.