Kanye West 'apologises' to Kim Kardashian for all the 'stress' caused

By Ellen James September 22, 2022
Kanye West 'apologises' to Kim Kardashian for all the 'stress' caused

Kanye West asserts his rights as the father of the kids he shared with Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to Good Morning America, the rapper declared he has the right over his children's upbringing.

“I’m their dad. It has to be co-parenting,” he said.“It’s not up to only the woman. Like, men have a choice also. Men’s voices matter.”

“As a dad and as a Christian … I have a right to have a voice on what my kids are wearing, what they’re watching, what they’re eating,” West said

“I have a platform where I get to say what so many dads can’t say out loud.”

Speaking about his previous antics on social media and public bashing of Kim Kardashian, Kanye said: “This is the mother of my children, and I apologize for any stress that I have caused, even in my frustration, because God calls me to be stronger,” the Yeezy designer said.