Trevor Noah commends Podcast & Prosecutor In Adnan Syed Release From Prison

'The Daily Show' host took a dig on the American justice system for confusing the correcting of a mistake with 'happy ending'

By Betty Cruise September 21, 2022
Trevor Noah speaks on the famous Adnan Syed's case on the recent episode of his show

Trevor Noah discussed the recent developments of Adnan Syed's case in a recent episode of his show where he praised the Podcast, famed for bringing attention to Syed's case.

According to Deadline, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, brought the overturning of the conviction of Adnan Syed at the center of his discussion on the recent episode of his show, which was released on September 21.

Noah took a jibe at the American justice system and said, "I find it weird that America confuses fixing a mistake with a happy ending," He also provided a funny example by saying, "Good news! We took the pink slime out of the meat."

In a joking manner, Noah commented that podcasts should become part of the justice system where podcast listeners serve as juries who decide on the guilt and innocence of the defendants.

Noah then went to commend not only the Serial podcast, famous for drawing attention to Syed's case, but also the Baltimore prosecutor (a former public defender) who reviewed the case and found the original conviction flawed with several problems.

The Daily Show host went on, "That prosecutor dug through the case files deeper than she had to and found all sorts of problems with the original prosecution."

He continued "But she said, no, if we’re going to put somebody in prison, it has to be without any doubt."

Noah finished off by saying, "That’s the difference between a justice system that wants justice versus a system that just wants to put people in prison."

The podcast, Serial raised doubts about the guilt of Syed in 2014, which led the case on to receive national attention.

Syed, now 42, was released after staying in prison for more than two decades for allegedly killing his girlfriend Hae Min Lee, who was 18 when she was strangled and buried in a Baltimore park in 1999.