Grimes celebrates finished album with plastic surgical elf ears

By Samantha David September 21, 2022
Grimes celebrates finished album with plastic surgical elf ears

Grimes changes for new music.

Grimes is working on new music, and possibly a new appearance as well. In pictures posted on Twitter over the weekend, it seems the musician underwent plastic surgery to don elf ears permanently.

"I did smthn crazy!", the 34-year-old captioned a photo of herself with a medical wrap around her face.

Grimes claimed in a subsequent tweet that she completed the final touches for her new album there, in the "plastic surgery clinic."

"Album is done we're mixing. My friend and I. perfected the last song in the plastic surgery clinic cuz they wouldn’t let me leave and we were laughing that this was the most Hollywood moment of all time," Grimes wrote. "I have 20 songs so maybe BOOK 1 and BOOK 2? Deciding format/ tracklist."

Just one month prior to her apparent body modification, Grimes asked her fans on Twitter to find "great/safe/reliable" surgeons who could perform "vampire teeth caps" and "reputable elf ear modifiers."

"Still debating this surgery cuz cartilage doesn't heal so it requires permanent stitches," she wrote at the time.

She further added, "Especially as a musician this surgery seems risky but I've wanted it my whole life," Grimes said in another tweet. "Curious about peoples experiences!"