London Fashion Week kicks off with tributes to late Queen Elizabeth

By Jean Valjean September 17, 2022
London Fashion Week kicks off with tributes to late Queen Elizabeth 

Fashionistas paid their last respects to the long reigning monarch during the period of mourning national at the London Fashion Week. 

It was a sight to see from an open all-black look to models carrying pictures of the monarch. 

However, the organizers announced last week that the fashion week would be run as a business-to-business event which wholly respects the royal protocols. 

Holidays have been postponed and performances on the day of Queen's state funeral have also been rescheduled. 

On Thursday evening the designer Daniel W Fletcher observed a minute's silence before sending out his very first model in a black suit and black armband. 

He told London's Evening Standard newspaper, "I thought as we were opening the event it was important to mark that moment." 

A Spanish sustainable brand like Sohuman ended its show on Friday with models as they shed a few tears smudging off their eye makeup, holding a picture of Elizabeth and with drawings of the crown or RIP written on their hands.