Alex Belfield jailed for harassment

By Melanie Aiden September 16, 2022
Alex Belfield jailed for harassment 

A former BBC radio presented Alex Belfield allegedly charged for 5 years where he stalked four people including broadcaster Jeremy Vine. 

Alex, who runs a YouTube channel, has been found guilty and his trial heard he made YouTube videos about them, posted messages on social media, sent emails, and also encouraged his followers to target them.

As per a judge one of his victims were so threatened that he came close to killing himself. 

Mr, Justice Saini told Belfield, "He was seconds away from taking his own life as a result of your conduct." 

"You made this highly successful and confident radio presenter lose all joy in life and turned him into a shell."

The judge further added, "The stalking you committed was not the conventional type which is popularised in the press. Your methods were, however, just as effective as a way of intimidating your victims, and were in many ways much harder to deal with." 

While the presenter did not physically approach all his victims, the verbal effects were just as damaging. 

 Belfield bombarded Mr Spedding - who had previously been friends with him by sending him Facebook messages and emails, and made highly abusive YouTube videos containing false allegations.

Many witnesses in the claim agreed that Belfield had truly weaponized the internet.